Editorial & Press Photography Gallery

As an editorial photographer my aim is to capture the best images to tell a story or document an event. Taking show stopping images that picture editors & journalists will love and readers won’t be able to resist clicking on.

Editorial or press photography is about telling a story with images, rather than about directly selling product or service. But the right image will captivate customers and drive them to read more about you in newspapers, magazine articles and blog posts.

The saying goes that a picture tells a thousand words, well with good photos you might land a thousand more – the better the images, the more column inches you’re likely to get in press for your business.

Browse the gallery below and get in touch for bookings & enquiries or to discuss your requirements.

Why choose me as your Editorial Photographer?

  • With over 25 years experience of working with newspapers and magazines, I know the types of photos editors are looking for.

  • I can help circulate your photos to news and picture desks on your behalf.

  • My work is regularly published in local, national and international publications.

Editorial & Press Photography Gallery
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